We have multiple formats of the game.

Our interactive tutorials will help you learn the game while playing. We understand that Thunee can be confusing, so we have included the value of each card on the card.

Our Single player game aims to help you learn how to play Thunee. For those who know how to play Thunee this is the perfect starting point to learn our gameplay and flow. There are 11 BoBs to be unlocked in Single player.

Search for an opponent and get a game almost instantly. In Multiplayer you can call an opponent out for cheating, you can enjoy some banter with our in-game chat function and best of all you can play different people all the time.

Our League is the most competitve online Thunee league in the world. There are 5 divisions and the players who win Division 1 are awarded a Golden Ticket which can be used to play in the Prize Pools.

The prize pools are highly contested and every game played is exhilarating. We have a Streak and Score Pool. In the Streak Pool the aim is to building a winning streak, the moment you lose it will break your streak and you will have to build it again. The Score Pool is all about who has the most score.

Progress through each round by winning a game, reach the final and knock out your opponent to win the cash prize.