So you wanna get that moola?

You can earn a Golden Ticket by winning Division 1 in our league, there is no limit to the amount of Golden Tickets you can earn.
You can buy Golden Tickets online through our easy-to-use payment gateway - Payfast. Click here to view our pricing table.

The cost to enter the tournament will vary but the currency is always Golden Tickets. With our tournaments you can buy-in back in the first 2 rounds unless otherwise stipulated. Prize money generally goes to the outright winner, but sometimes it is split between the top 4 players.

When you play in the Prize Pools, each game will cost you a Golden Ticket. If you win a prize pool game you will get back the Golden Ticket used to enter, so as long as you are winning you will be able to play the prize pool. If you lose a game, you will need another Golden Ticket to continue playing. You can earn it from winning division 1, there is no limit to this.