Playthunee Leagues

The league brings together the best Thunee players.
All players begin in division 5 and have to work their way to division 1 if they are to be crowned the best of the best. When you win division 1 you will automatically earn a Golden Ticket. There is no limit to winning Golden Tickets, so stock up.
Golden Tickets are used for entry into our Cash Prize Pools and Tournaments.

How Divisions work

In each division you have 5 games. You have a required amount of games to win to get promoted to the next division and minimum amount to stay in your current division, anything less and you will get relegated. Here is a breakdown of each division.

Cash Prize Pools and Tournaments

All Golden Ticket holders can redeem their ticket for entry into the Cash Prize Pool and Tournament.
Prizes differ all the time and so does the entry fee. Please ensure you are familiar with the cost of entry for each Cash Prize Pool game and/or Tournament

Division Promotion Remain Extra Game
5 1 0 1 BoB
4 2 1 1 BoB
3 3 2 2 BoB
2 4 3 2 BoB
1 5 4 3 BoB